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WeNote – Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar v4.52 (Premium) Apk

Best notebook in the world.

WeNote is a simple and easy note taking app. Quickly create color notes, to-do lists, reminders and calendar.

Block notes and to-do lists with a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint, to protect confidential information.

When you write notes, emails, phone numbers, messages, recipes, a calendar, journal, shopping lists and to-do lists, you see that it is the easiest and fastest notepad in the world. 😁

WeNote is a notepad with a focus on privacy. WeNote works very well offline, without the Internet. No need to login.

Take notes along the way, if anything comes to mind. No complicated step. No need for internet. Once you’ve seen WeNote, you immediately know how to use it to organize your life.

WeNote helps to easily remember events on your calendar.  Also WeNote reminds you of the note recorded to date, so you don’t miss anything important.

WeNote makes note taking so easy!


– Create color notes and to-do lists
– Organize with tag and color
– Create labels as tabs, to switch between labels in the blink of an eye
– Photos in pj. A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding unlimited images in a note
– Drawing and handwriting in pj
– Hands-free audio recording for notes. Unlimited audio recordings in one note. (Premium)
– Lock the app, notes and to-do lists via PIN code, pattern, password or fingerprint
– Completed to-do lists move down
– Personalize via different fonts, view and sort modes
– 11 different theme colors. Change the theme color of the app according to your taste. (Premium)
– Unlimited choice of colors to easily classify and organize your notes. (Premium)
– Reminders and calendar, lunar calendar

– Advanced reminder. Capable of repeating every day, week, month, year and highly customizable
– Show holidays on the calendar, which supports up to 250 countries, 3,680 states and provinces
– Sticky note on status bar
– Secure sync to online storage
– Local backup and restore
– Share notes and pj to mails, SMS, social networks & messaging apps
– Accepts notes and pjs shared by other apps
– Switch from a list of notes to a to-do list, hassle-free
– Quickly search for notes and to-do lists
– Various widgets – Note List (Premium), Calendar (Premium), Quick Add, Sticky Note

Free try

7-day free trial for each Premium feature. Extend the trial period by watching a video.

Data reliability

We attach great importance to the reliability of the data. We offer 2 reliable ways, to make sure you never lose a note, to-do list, pj.

– Secure sync to cloud: Most recommended to prevent data loss. After sync, the data is stored in the App Data folder. For security, the App Data folder is not visible to the user.

– Local backup and restore: If you are concerned about data protection in cloud storage, use this method. Backups are deleted when WeNote is uninstalled.

Of course, you can also choose to use both methods.

Check out https://www.wenote.me/faq#h.p_MCAbHUyem5hi if you can’t sync with the cloud.


Reminder does not work well on some devices. Their overly aggressive battery management mode prevents it from running in the background. Disable this “feature”, to allow WeNote to run in the background.

Read https://dontkillmyapp.com/?3 for the solution.


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