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Weather rp5 (2021) v26 (Ad-Free) (Unlocked) APK

“Weather rp5 (2021)” is a new application created by the developers of the famous weather site RP5. The app looks like the new mobile version of the RP5 website, but it lets you view the preloaded weather forecast on a phone or tablet offline.

This app is very different from the previous “rp5 (Reliable Prognosis)” app released in May 2015. The changes are as follows:

1. Due to many user requests, 6 hour time step forecasts are supplemented by 3 hour and 1 hour time step forecasts.

2. Short textual forecast “Today / tomorrow we wait” is added.

3. The forecast table is oriented horizontally, which allows you to see the long term forecast as well as understand if the weather is going to be stable or changing.

4. Landscape mode is available.

5. The most requested buttons are moved to the bottom of the screen.

6. You can change the background color and set background photos.

New arrivals

• When placing the widget on the main (home) screen of the phone, the background of the widget is by default substituted with a photo corresponding to the current month. The April photograph is inserted in April, the May photograph in May, the June photograph in June, and so on in each month.


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