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Wakey – Control your screen sleep and brightness v7.1.2 (Premium) Apk

Have you ever wanted to keep your device screen on longer than normal? Want your screen to reach full brightness when using navigation or viewing your vacation photos? With Wakey, you can keep your screen on for as long as you want.

Wakey keeps your screen on, depending on your conditions – make the screen really bright, dark, or even completely dark – but the phone is always awake and working. Wakey can also be configured to keep your screen on when certain apps or games are active, or when the device is charging, or even when you are looking at the device.

Wakey is battery friendly – it will only keep the screen awake when you need it. You can manually turn it on with the big bulb right in the app at any time, and tap it again or use the notification to turn it off.

Wakey Premium (in-app upgrade) has several features that will make your life even easier:

FaceWake Keep your screen awake as long as you watch it.

AppWake Automatically keep your screen awake when certain apps are in the foreground. If you want to keep the screen on to see album art while playing music or while playing games like Pokemon Go (unaffiliated), this feature is ideal for you.

If you have limited dexterity or physical disabilities, AppWake allows you to make sure the screen stays on while you are using apps that require more time to navigate and allows the screen to turn off quickly at all other times. .

ChargeWake Automatically keep your screen awake when it’s charging.

Tasker Plugin You can use Tasker or Locale to customize Wakey more than ever! Configure Wakey to react to all triggers supported by Tasker. Night navigation? Adjust the screen to stay on and dim. Use navigation during the day? Set the screen to full brightness. You now have more control than ever!

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