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Via Browser – Fast & Light v4.4.6 (Mod Extra) APK

+ Fast: Enjoy your browsing with fast loading speed and powerful Ad block.
+ Small: The tiny app size (less than 0.5m) keeps your device flexible.
+ Data Backup: Intelligent image loading & spam protection help you reduce data usage.
+ Customizable: Easily design and personalize your own home page.

We wish you to have a pleasant and extraordinary experience while browsing the web, without using too much of your phone’s resources.

Here are some features:

► Small size and light navigation
– less than 0.5 m
– optimal navigation experience
► Data backup
– keep the web page of your interest and read it later
– download images intelligently
– prevent the loading of ads and internet nonsense
► Various aspects of customization
– design your own home page with such ease
– select the operation from your own configuration
– choose the upper or lower address bar in UI mode (user interface)

► AD block
– block default blocking by local nodes
– custom blocking by storage hosts
– ad marking
– blocking of intruding windows
► Privacy
– Incognito mode
– erase data whenever you need it
– avoid being traced
► Favorites
– synchronization of favorites and your account configuration settings
– import / export of .html favorites freely
► Additional modules
– download manager
– QR code scan
– more information on additional online modules
+ Night mode
+ Desktop site (User agent)
+ Page translator
+ Search within the page
+ Adjusting the font size
+ Search engine switch

We welcome your comments and suggestions to help improve Via, and thank you for sharing with others if you enjoy it!

● Removed the license agreement dialog when opening the browser for the first time.
● Removed permissions for geolocation, camera access, Wakelock from the manifest.
– logging;
– flurry analytics.
– debug information.
● Languages ​​Russian, Ukrainian, English.
● Built-in search hints on the homepage, if in the settings -> Appearance -> Advanced search bar is enabled.
A rare bug is possible:
Who, after introducing a search in the search box with hints, has a problem returning to the home page, just tap on the empty space below.
● Disabled “sleep” audio / video player when the screen is turned off.
● Removed Chinese hosts from the assets folder.
●Optimization/ZipAlign applied.
● Accepts user certificates.
● Painted toolbar black (Night Mode).
●Name changed to Via Browser.
● Test signature.
● After the exit does not hang in active processes.

1. Rename the hosts-big.txt file to custom.txt
2. Go along the path /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/mark.via/files/filters/ and paste it into this folder.
3. Reload the browser.

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