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Vastufy v1.0.1 (Unlocked) APK


Vastufy brings the ancient science of Vastu into your home and onto your phone to allow you to create a healthy healing space where you feel calm and happy.

Vastu (meaning dwelling) is a traditional Indian architectural system for buildings and uses principles to rectify energy imbalances by offering guidelines for the arrangement of objects and furniture within. In the same way Feng Shui seeks to create balance with the natural world in interior spaces.

Vastu consciously divides our homes into zones that represent different aspects of our lives – relationships fund career success, happiness and health and can highlight areas we are energetically neglecting.

It focuses on alignment with the laws of nature by welcoming the energy of the Sun and honoring the five elements: earth, air, space, fire and water, while adhering to the directions fundamentals of the North-East, South and West.

The goal of Vastu is to create harmony between people and their environment and to manage energy in a space. Furnishings and appliances in the rooms are located to match and maximize the respective elements and their particular advantages for the existing and planned buildings.

Within minutes, the Vastufy app will give you a “score” for your property based on the location/direction of each of your rooms according to Vastu principles.

If the design or use of your space does not conform to the principles set out in Vastu, it may result in a defect or imperfection and may negatively impact quality of life, lowering your score.

Practical remedies then guide you to improve and increase your Vastu score and to make the most of the potential of natural energies and fight defects. By making a few simple adjustments, we can transform our homes into deeply sacred spaces that offer us positive support and well-being.

The remedies work on a subtle subconscious level and aim to create harmony and balance in all areas of life to keep our physical, mental and emotional energies as clear and flowing as possible.

You can check your own property as well as Vastufy the properties of your friends and family and your businesses.

Use Vastufy to:
– Determine the strong and weak areas of your property
– Conduct simple remedies to impact strengths/weaknesses
– Eliminate negative defects and improve positive ones
– Implement simple changes and adjustments to increase your Vastu score
– Understand the AZ directions of the Vastu and their meaning
– Live a more harmonious positive happy life

Vastufy helps you live in a space that harnesses the natural positive energies we have from nature.


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