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Upflix v4.1 (MOD) APK

Stream all the latest movies, cartoons and TV series. Upflix is ​​an app that brings together the best series and movies of today. Here you can watch them for free in a constantly updated catalog.

If you want to watch all the movies and TV series you want, you have to subscribe to a number of platforms like Netflix and HBO. This is actually the way it should be, but for those who like to pay less or not at all, there will always be apps like Upflix.

A constantly evolving audiovisual catalog
This app offers an extensive streaming catalog. All you have to do is find the TV series or movie you want to watch and choose the server from which to launch it. The catalog is divided into films and series and offers the following main features:

Integrated search engine.
Titles classified by genre.
Integrated media player.
Different servers to choose from.
Information on the actors and synopsis of each title.
This type of service obviously doesn’t do everything it should, so you’ll likely find a day that doesn’t work properly. In other words, it was overthrown for not being completely legal. We recommend that you subscribe to an appropriate platform … and this advice that we give you for free.


•Ads Removed
•VPN Detection Removed
•Apps Detection Removed
•Debug info Removed

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