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Update Phones (All Carriers) v5.2 (Pro) Apk

Software update for Android, Updates for Pie (Android 9 or Android P) only available for listed mobile phones. Updates are so easy to install that you just need to download software to your phone (firmware), this application includes links to download the latest version of Android to your mobile. Select your brand and it will give you links to the update for the Android version. It has auto search for your phone and almost all existing carriers.

With this app you can update your phone software with official manufacturer or operator support and you can update your phone.

Includes tutorial to update OTA methods, links to download PC software from manufacturers (Samsung Kies, Lg Pc Suite, Sony Companion, …).

Without using an installation wizard directly on your device, you have to search for the manufacturer’s software to complete the update process. In general, this software is usually available on the official website of the manufacturer. However, we have compiled software requirements for different manufacturers so that you can easily find the resources you need to perform an Android update on your device. As soon as you have downloaded the software maker, you simply need to connect your Android mobile device or tablet with a USB cable and complete the installation process.

If you are going to update to Android or update your mobile version via OTA, the option will automatically appear when a new version is available. After accepting (should) a download, it will begin to install, reconfigure the phone and leave it ready to use. You can also search for an OTA manually by going to “settings => about => update software” or something similar.
Keep in mind that you have a Wi-Fi connection and sufficient battery before performing the update, otherwise you will get a semi-installed update that will turn your device into a piece of brick.
Since not all devices can get an uninterrupted connection to the Internet, some manufacturers provide the option to download it to your computer and connect the device to perform the installation with the PC.


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