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Untrack Stop Link Tracking v0.1.13-94ff088 (Full) (Paid) APK


Do you know a link like this? https://example.com/?utm_source=big-tech&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=summer_sale&utm_term= sunglasses & utm_content = top_banner

This link contains tracking parameters such as utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, and utm_content.

Besides these tracking settings, there are hundreds more! They are placed in links to keep track of your online activities: what you see, what you click on, what site you come from, what site you go to, etc.

Without these tracking parameters, the link simply looks like this: https://example.com/.

It’s shorter! It’s cleaner! It’s the same content!

And the best part is, you are not being followed!

How it works

Untrack opens links in your preferred browser after removing all known tracking settings.

How to use Untrack

1. Activate Untrack by making it the default browser application.
This will make all links open using Untrack, except clicking on a link in a browser itself.

2. Set your preferred browser in the Untrack app.
When a link is opened using Untrack, all known tracking settings will be removed and then opened in your preferred browser.


🛡️ Open link without following settings in preferred browser

🛡️ Links configured to be opened using certain applications will not be opened with Untrack.

🛡️ Links in pages when using a browser will be opened automatically by the browser itself. To open these links using Untrack, press and hold the link, then choose Share, then share the link to Untrack.

🛡️ Copy link without tracking parameters to clipboard

🛡️ Share link without following settings to other apps

🛡️ Bypass confirmation of outgoing link (Facebook, Google, Messenger, YouTube)

🛡️ Bypass ad link redirection

Planned functionalities

🛡️ Bypass Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
🛡️ Shortened link protection (may require subscription to cover server cost)


Untrack does not require any permission to run, including internet access.

Please feel free to send your comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, bug report, or feature request to untrack@sensen.dev.

🇮🇩 Made in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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