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Ultra GPS Logger v3.185e (Paid) Apk

Note: The default language for apps is English. French can be chosen in the Settings / Misc / Locale menu (at the end of the list)

– Formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV

– Logging activated by distance or time expiry
– Logging even in standby mode
– AutoLog, AutoStart
– Shipping of the journal and / or track by email
– Publication on FTP site
– Compressed journal: Zip, KMZ
– Support for Google Maps, Open Street Map
– Registration and management of POIs, etc.
– Online services: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive
– Optional use of an internal barometer
– Use of internal GPS
– Use of an external GPS via Bluetooth
– Open access to external GPS to other applications
– Simulation of a GPS mouse

Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS logger that can generate logs
NMEA, KML and / or GPX using your device’s internal GPS or GLONASS
Android. It knows how to keep the GPS active even in standby mode, which allows
recording over long periods without the need for interaction with the device.

Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sequences, which is much more
accurate as those products that only record every minute … It also takes
“Intelligently” supports KML / GPX formats, saving only real ones
movements. Ultra GPS Logger also allows your device to vibrate
vibrate and / or flash an LED if the GPS signal is lost. Moreover, he knows
display your track on Google Map or Open Street Map!

Thanks for your comments. Ultra GPS Logger is used in many
activities, such as hiking, sailing, racing by car, motorbike,
regattas or geolocation. Tell me what activity you use Ultra for
GPS Logger :-))

Quick start guide: http://ugl.flashlight.de/QuickStart/english.html
User Guide (PDF): http://ugl.flashlight.de/UserGuide


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