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Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader PRO v2.60 (Mod) SAP Apk


– The application does not contain any list or any channel. You must provide your own list or account.
– The app contains ads (buy PRO version to support me for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loaderpro.player without ads).
– The app is not responsible for any bad playlists you find on the internet, which may be delayed or get disconnected every few seconds (most of them are just test lists in order to disconnect all seconds), the app will do its best for a better view.

“What Can Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader Do:”

– Easily manage your playlist (add and remove), support internet and local storage lists.
– Analyze your m3u playlists (from web or your storage) and display them in grid / list / mosaic with logos when available, groups are also supported.
– EPG also supported for all m3us (xmltv format required – also compressed in .gz or .xz format)
– Support for Xtream code accounts. (Live TV – Movies – Series – Catch-up)
– Can use Classic or TVStyle for Android TVs.

– Support search function (active group search).
– Choose groups easily and quickly with the “Select Group” button or by pressing the next or previous buttons.
– When you click on a channel / video, a video player dialog box will appear so that you can choose the desired player.
– Has 3 internal players (can play lots of formats without any external player), internal youtube player but also supports external players (official youtube app, MXPlayer, Vlc, Wuffy, Xplayer, Soptohttp and Acestream for P2P up to present).
– LocalCast and WebViewCast support for chromecast, DLNS and more
– Support website video (using internal web browser, open websites with videos)
– Support recording while watching.
– Exclusive: This app also has an internal web browser, so you can add official site links as a channel and this app will load the site in the app, then when the video loads, you can use the full screen as you did it on your browser.

“m3u Support:”

– Support for internet and local storage lists. Internet m3us must start with “http: //” or “http: //” or “ftp: //” or from “xmtv: //” for protected mellow m3us

Supported m3u format:

– Support for standard m3u format
–  also protected links with user-agent & referer.
– And youtube channels
– then wuffy links
– Last web browser.
You can find more information in the app (by setting -> supported m3u features)

Advanced functions supported:

– Supported website load through internal web browser and play website video
– Support website loading through internal web browser and play website video with internal players
– Support for the “get channel” method for some sites, which gives you the option to play a video of a site on your favorite player

Supported Video:

Support all video formats like m3u8, ts, rtmp, mms, mmsh, httphost, UDP etc.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


– No LP & Google Play Modded Needed.
– Removed Debug Information.


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