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Ultimate Guitar Tuner v2.14.0 Pro Mod APK

Want a free guitar tuner? You have it. For 6-string guitars AND 7-string guitars, whether for folk guitars or electric guitars. How about a bass tuner? It is also included. You can also tune a ukulele, a mandolin, a charango, a violin and a balalaika. And if that’s not enough for you, you also have a chromatic mode which allows you to tune any instrument.

All you have to do is launch the app, place your smartphone microphone near your instrument, choose the tuning you want and go!

With this app you will immediately have access to over 60 different tunings for over 10 different instruments.


– Accurate and free electronic tuner: precision of a professional level, precise to less than one Hertz
– Easy to use interface: no complicated menus, you just need to launch the app and choose your instrument
– More than 10 instruments included: whatever your favorite instrument, we have what it takes
– Over 60 different tunings: and if you ever can’t find your favorite tuning, we’ll add it!
– Chromatic mode: just in case you need it, it’s included and it’s free
– Automatic string detection: no need to let go of your instrument to click buttons, Ultimate Tuner automatically recognizes which string is being played
– Change the reference frequency: the default 440Hz can be boring sometimes, so change the reference frequency yourself, from 420Hz to 460Hz. So if you are a fan of 432Hz this tuner is perfect for you.

Available tunings

– 6-string guitar tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, 1 and 1/2 step down, Two step down, Drop D, Double drop D, Drop C, Drop B, Open D, Open D minor, Modal D, Open G, Open G minor, Modal G, Open C, Open C minor, Open A, All fourths
– 7-string guitar tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, Drop A, Drop G, Open C, Choro, Russian, All thirds
– 4-string bass tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, Drop D, Piccolo, All fifths
– Ukulele tuner: Standard, Baritone, Slack-key, D tuning, Low A, Low G
– Charango tuner: Stnadard, Half-step down, Whole-step down
– Balalaika tuner: Standard, Guitar, Piccolo, Secondo, Alto, Bass, Contrabass
– Mandolin tuner: Standard, Cajon, GDAD, Cross tuning, Cross tuning 2, High bass, Calico (Open A), Open G
– Banjo tuner: Standard, Double C, Drop C, Modal G, Open D
– As well as a violin tuner for the whole string family (violin, viola, cello, double bass)

If you think that any tunings or instruments are missing and want to add them, please contact us at mobile@tabs4acoustic.com and we will take care of it!

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