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Ultimate Fishing Knots v9.31.2 (Premium) APK

Ultimate Fishing Knots

– 58 nodes in five categories
– Easy to follow instructions
– Tablet support
– Support for favorites
– Eagle eye mode
– Three different themes: black and light, automatic
– Fish browser
– Removable ads
– 5 languages ​​supported: English, Hungarian, Italian, German and Spanish

It happened in the summer of 2011. I was fishing and had to tie a knot, which I used a long time ago. Ok, don’t panic, “there is an app for that”, so I checked the Android market, but I was quite disappointed, because I couldn’t find such an app, which would give step by step, easy to – follow the instructions with good photos.
So I created this app. That’s it.

This app illustrates how to tie the most popular fishing knots, categorized into 4 chapters: line, hook, miscellaneous and navigation knots. Step-by-step instructions help anyone master them.

Line knots

– Link loops: single loop, loop, 3-turn loop
– Stopper knots: multi-wrap stopper knot, figure of eight stopper knots, solid stopper knot
– Dropper buckles and buckles: butterfly buckle, Dropper buckle, surgeon’s knot, Alpin, Linfit
– Join the leader to the loop: Join loops 1-2, Quickly join to the loop
– Line to line: Albright, Blood and Fishermans knot
– Crochet knots
– Spade end hooks: Domhof, needle knot, Snelling
– Knotless knot
– Eye hooks: Crawford, Herkules, Trilene, Fisherman’s Knot 1-2, Lefty’s Knot
– Fly hooks or eyelets: Duncan, Mörrum, Orvis
– Release node
– Palomar knot
– WF node

Various knots

– Knots for swivels and carabiners: Clinch, hangman’s knot, sling knot
– Not a knot
– Arbor nodes
– Rapala knot
– Universal nodes: Rebeck, Kentauri, Pitzen
Marine knots
– 3x Dropper Loops, Thumb Knot, Marshall Knot, Trolling Knot, Spider Knot, Bimini Twist
Nautical knots
– Knot line, anchor knot, sliding knot, double hitch, cleat knot and clove tie


This application is free, but compatible with advertising.
This application has been produced based on a series of articles on the haldorado.hu site with the permission of the site owners and the author of the content, Róbert Balogh. The translation was also done by Róbert.

If the app crashes, please update your Google Play services:

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