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Turbo Alarm Clock v8.1.1 (Premium) APK

Turbo Alarm is the most complete and advanced alarm clock. She has whatever she needs to get out of bed with ease. Perfect for both heavy sleepers and early birds. The elegant, simple and reliable material design lets you play music and ads for free!

Not just another alarm clock ⏰

Night watch – do not disturb mode, dim screen
– Beautiful tools – simple clock, next alarm clock …
– Stopwatch and timers
– Google Assistant integration, Sleepbot, Tasker, and Macrodroid
Cloud – Back up and control your alarms from any of your devices
– Lean material design – with unique animations

Main Features ⚡

– Music playlist – set folder containing songs or music playlists as ringtone to get different music alarm every day!
– Skip any day of the week – press and hold the day to skip it and you’ll never forget to turn your alarm back on again.
– Next Editing – Going to bed late? Add a few minutes to the next alarm for an extra bedtime.
Frequent warning – prescription drugs? Set an automatic reminder every hour
– Sleep prevention mode – Is sleep too deep to turn off the alarm? This loud tone will wake you up no matter what
– Safety Alarm – Your alarm will ring very loud again if you don’t leave the house on time!
– Mini games – graphical and digital tasks to give you a morning challenge upon rejection.

📢 Do you need more? 📢

– Increase in volume – wake up gently with the increased volume that’s right for you. Never interrupt your sleep cycles again with loud noises!
– Smart vibration – Set the alarm for comfortable, natural and fast vibrations
– Weather forecast – check it out when you set your alarm to get ready for the day!
Snoozing – reduce periods of time and reduce the number of times of naps.
– Turn down or nap creative options – turn on room lights, shake, draw a shape, slide, touch, tap … it’s up to you!
– Talk alarm – tells you time and weather …
– Sunrise simulation – brighten up your bedroom with your favorite color.
– Customizable background image – Choose your favorite or daily images using Bing or choose our favorite Unsplash
– Supports the latest android versions!

❤️ PRO Alarm Clock Features ☕

Most of Turbo Alarm’s features are free and ad-free. We added some additional things that support our hard work and cover some expenses. Here are a few:
– Unlimited timers
– Multi-device support – control your wake up from any of your devices
– Unsplash wallpapers
– More music alarm options

“Swiss Army Knife Warning” – AppsZoom

I need your help to translate:

Savor your new wake up with the best music alarm clock!

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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