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Truth or Dare Game For Couples and Friends v1.0.4 (MOD) APK

Truth or Dare ? Make your pledge, or answer one of our many questions, all divided into several levels of difficulty, for actions and truths adapted to the desired atmosphere: Fun, Soft, Hot, Hard, or Extreme?

Necessary material

– A phone with the application installed on it
– Aperitif cakes and drinks, soft or alcoholic
– Funny friends / A boyfriend

Certainly, some criteria are more difficult to meet, but if your friends are not very fun, Truth or Dare will be able to fill this gap, don’t worry πŸ˜„

How it works ?

Choose β€œCouple” if you are playing Truth or Dare as a couple, or β€œGroup” if you are playing… with TADAAAA friends. Enter your first names, specify if you are a man or a woman. You then have to choose the level of difficulty that suits your desires: Fun, to have fun without the fuss. Soft and Hot, for pledges that raise the temperature (perfect for foreplay if you play truth or dare as a couple), Hard and Extreme, for even funnier and daring truths and deeds 😍

All you have to do is spin the wheel. It will designate a player, who will then choose either action or truth. Repeat the operation, and you will not see the time pass, thanks to this party game already played by millions of people. Rest assured: the game is really good (and we don’t say that because it is ours. Not at all. PAAAAS AT ALL).

Personalized pledges 😜

Want to trick your friends with some truth or dare that isn’t in the app? Use the Custom Pledges feature to create your own actions and truths! You can even sync your account to save your list of self-created pledges and never lose them, even if you change phones.

The Chouic touch! 😎

We’ve carefully crafted, sorted, and tested all of our questions with friends and couples to bring you the best night out game. And to leave nothing to chance, a talented designer offers you a different atmosphere in each level.

A suggestion or a question? πŸ€”

The application is regularly updated. Please do not hesitate to contact us to report an error or make a suggestion. We will correct any problem very quickly in order to offer the best content!


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