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Trekarta – offline maps for outdoor activities v2022.05 (Paid) Apk

Trekarta is designed for hiking, geocaching, off-roading, cycling, boating, and all other outdoor activities. It uses offline maps so you don’t need internet connection. You can easily import locations and tracks from GPX and KML data formats or create locations in the app and share them with others. It allows you to write down the trail of your trip, even in the background, so you never get lost and can see where you’ve been later on.

Offline maps

Trekarta uses OpenStreetMap based vector maps which are lightweight, offline, and constantly being improved by contributors. The maps contain detailed topology data with elevation contours. Some elements of the map can be filtered for a cleaner look. Trekarta has built-in shading support. You can add custom maps in sqlite or mbtiles format to cover your area of ​​interest. Custom maps will also be shaded. These maps can be created by yourself with the SAS.Planet application from most online sources or converted with MapTiler and other applications of other map formats.


The special hiking activity mode emphasizes the paths and trails on the map. It visualizes the difficulty and visibility of the path and displays the hiking routes. It also displays special OSMC symbols that help you identify the desired route.


The cycling activity mode reveals the cycling infrastructure. It shows the cycle routes and visualizes the difficulty and visibility of the mountain bike trails.

Skiing and skating

Ski activity mode displays a clean winter map with most ski activities: downhill, nordic, hike and hike. As a bonus, areas for freestyle snowboarding, skating and sledding are displayed.

All Terrain

Unpaved, dirt, winter and ice roads are specially visualized. Only 4WD roads have a specific marking. Fords are displayed on all roads, even primary ones.


Places can be easily imported from GPX and KML files or can be created in the app. You can navigate to places and share them with others.


Trekarta is designed to record the traces of your journey. Just press a button when you start up and press it once more when you’re done. You can exit the app if you don’t need to look at the map, the track will be recorded in the background.


The functionality of Trekarta can be extended by plugins. Currently, the following plugins are available:
• Position sharing
• Dropbox synchronization


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