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Translate: Language Translator v1.1.8 (Premium) APK

This translator app will help you translate words and phrases from any language. This intelligent and reliable translator is one of the most popular applications in its category.

She understands dozens of languages ​​from all over the world: from Swedish to Hawaiian, and from Persian to Indonesian. To choose the option you want, you have to press the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen and select a language from an extensive list. If you don’t specify the language, the app will recognize it automatically.

On the main screen of the application, you will see the following buttons:

1. Translate (Get a translation of your text)
2. Conversational (all language converters)
3. Camera translation (photo capture and conversion of documents)
4. Phrasebook (learn useful expressions)
5. Translation history (view all your history)

The interface of the application is remarkably elegant and the navigation is easy. For your convenience, you can switch between two modes: day (light) or night (dark).

camera translator

You may want to translate images into the following types of text:

1. Menus
2. Road signs
3. Tables
4. Books
5. Newspapers
6. Emails
7. Hadiths in the Messengers
8. Chatbots
9. And so on

Upload an image to Photo Translator from your gallery, Google Drive, Downloads folder, or other sources. You can also take a new photo with your phone’s camera. The translation will be fast and accurate, no matter how difficult the text is.

When you need to quickly translate the most common words and phrases in everyday life, the phrasebook will come in handy. It contains topics such as numbers, colors, days of the week, money, shopping, transportation, etc.

voice translator

To translate a voice, you must follow these simple steps:

1. Open the conversation section of the app
2. Use the two drop-down menus at the top of the screen to select the languages ​​you want to use
3. Press the microphone button at the bottom of the screen and just speak and translate

A live translator should work perfectly even if you have an accent or make grammatical errors. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to understand speech on any topic: informal dialogues, instructions, weather forecasts, songs, etc.

You can download this application for free and start using it without registration. It will take up very little space in your phone memory and consume minimal traffic


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