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Tool Box v1.8.5.A (Paid) APK

It is a tool package app that implements useful tools in daily life using the handset hardware and sensors.

The toolkit includes a total of 27 essential tools, and each tool is not only comprised of features that can be placed anywhere, but you can also download each tool separately.

Composition and characteristics of the tools

– Compass: 5 design modes (true north, magnetic north can be measured)
– Leveler: measure both horizontally and vertically
– Measurement: provides different measurement methods for each measurement range.
– Protractor: provides various measurement methods for each measurement method.
– Vibrometer: X, Y, Z vibration values ​​can be measured
– Mag detector: measurement of magnetic field intensity, metal detection function
– Altimeter: measure the current altitude using GPS
– Tracker: record and save the route using GPS
– HR monitor: heart rate measurement and record management
– Decibel Meter: measures the volume of the surrounding sound
– Illuminometer: measures the brightness of the environment

– Flash: use of screen and external flash
– Unit converter: Convert various units and exchange rates
– Magnifier: magnifying glass using digital zoom
– Calculator: easy to use general calculator
– Abacus: faithfully implements the function of the abacus
– Counter: provides list recording function
– Scoreboard: scoring tool for various sports
– Roulette: you can use photos, pictures and handwriting
– Code reader: 1D barcode, QR code, data matrix recognition possible
– Mirror: mirror using the front camera
– Tuner: used for tuning instruments such as guitar and ukulele
– Color picker: displays the color information of the pixels in the image
– Screen Splitter: Create a split screen shortcut icon

– Stopwatch: Recorded lap time list file
– Timer: multitasking support
– Metronome: various accent functions

No more roaming the marketplace to find the tools you need.

This app is a free version with ads.


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