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Tone Generator PRO v3.19 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked


– Sweep sound generator (linear or logarithmic for musicians)
– function generator
– Accurate, double precision, real-time, precise wave generator (64-bit precision IEEE 754 floating-point motor)
– Manual frequency increment or decrement in real time (precise, without jumps or clicks)
– Loops (continuous, no lag, no clicks)
– Amplitude modulation
– Real-time 16-track multi-tone generator
– Ultrasonic generator (on a 48KHz DAC)
– White noise generator
– Pink noise generator
– Save favorite tones and scans to a list for future use
– Generate audio files in multichannel mode up to 5.1
– Precise left / right channel volume control
– Precise setting of fade in and fade out time
– Possibility to reverse a channel for cancellation effects.
– Numerous pre-programmed sound tests, ready to be used by sound professionals

What can you do with this app:

– Speaker tests
– Adjust an audio system
– Create relaxation and meditation sounds
– noise mask
– Provoking sleep with pink noise
– Find your tinnitus frequency.
– Age hearing loss test.
– Learn lots of facts about sound
– The limit is your imagination!


To save audio files to your device, the app must have generic android permission (access photos, media files, and files on your device).

This app has a 7 day free trial period which allows you to check the value of this app. That you can upgrade to Pro without having to install another app. Please support the development of Android applications!

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