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Tonal Tinnitus Therapy v4.5.0 (Unlimited Usage License) APK

Tinnitus therapy can help you when you are suffering from tinnitus. It is based on the principles of acoustic neuromodulation. frequency above 15000 Hz. The use of acoustic neuromodulation above 10000 Hz is an unknown area, but if you have such a high tinnitus tone, you can try therapy using tinnitus tone therapy.

Some people really benefit, others don’t notice the difference. Experiments can be found on the Internet.

If you are suffering from hyperacusis, be careful while using the app. Start with a few short periods of use on a very low volume. When therapy tones cause negative effects, do not continue to use the app.

Besides therapy tones, you can add masking white noise, pink noise or brown noise to make it more pleasant. You can also use masking noise without therapy tones by reducing the volume of therapy tones to zero.

The app isn’t free, but it does offer a one-week trial period. After that you have to pay once for unlimited usage or you can start a subscription.

Operation is simple: first find the frequency of your most dominant tinnitus tone. The app reads the selected frequency and you can change the frequency until it matches your tone. Don’t do it too fast, you absolutely have to find the right frequency. You can always check again if you have selected the correct frequency.

The app configures four therapy tones, two below and two above your tinnitus tone. Acoustic neuromodulation uses these therapy tones in a series of twelve with a short time interval to reset your tinnitus tone. Before you start playing these sets of therapy tones, you should check if you hear all therapy tones at the same volume. You can adjust the volume of each therapy tone as needed. Then you can start playing the therapy tones. During playback, you can change the volume of the left and right channels in the main screen. You can close the main screen and reopen it at any time. Playback of therapy tones occurs in the background, you see the app icon in the notification bar when it is running.

It is recommended that you listen to therapy tones for at least four hours each day. The application displays the time you have already listened to each day. Some people notice positive effects after a day, others after several weeks or months, and others never.

When you use headphones and unplug the headphones, the app pauses playback. When you reconnect the headset, the app continues to play.

Use of this application is at your own risk. Read on the internet about acoustic neuromodulation before you start using the app. If the application has unpleasant effects, stop using it immediately.

If you have any issues with the app or any suggestions for improvement, please send an email to info@appyhapps.nl


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