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Time Cut : Smooth Slow Motion Video Editor v2.3.2 (Pro Mod) APK

Using advanced image processing algorithm – Optical Flow, Time Cut is a professional slopro video editor dedicated to changing video speed, super smooth action and slow motion, with motion interpolation technique . It can also create motion blur effects, convert video frame rate, like Twixtor plugin and RSMB on PC.

Do you want to make smooth slow motion and time lapse video without lag or turn your videos to HFR (high frame rate)? Does your phone camera support recording slow motion videos like an iPhone camera does? Do you want to change the velocity and freeze the time at certain points? Do you need a free twixtor effect to slow down a clip or do you want motion blur effects like the RSMB After Effects plugin? Time Cut Video Speed ​​Changer and Frame Rate Converter will help you!

This app can calculate additional video frames to create super smooth videos even if you slow down normal video to 30 fps. We also have a wide range of carefully designed slowmo effects and camera lenses that make it easy to highlight your favorite moments in the node video.

#Frame rate converter
Besides increasing the frame rate of normal videos to 60/120/240 fps, it can also convert high frame rate videos to 24 fps cinematic videos and the most commonly used 30 fps videos smaller size to share. When you slow down high frame rate videos, the result will be smoother than normal slomo videos without any stuttering or what people call “lag”. When you convert hfr video to lower frame rates, the size will be smaller and easy to save and share. The app supports video processing from 1 to 240 fps which means videos taken by go pro, action cam, drone and smartphone of all types.

# Motion blur effects using optical flow
Create high quality motion blur effects like RSMB plugin on PC to improve your video performance. Our motion blur fx also uses the optical flow method to achieve satisfactory results.

#Speed ​​curve and smooth slow motion editor
As an advanced speed changer for smooth action camera like VSCO trending video effects. Our free Video Speed ​​Adjustment feature allows you to make flexible speed changes to your video node, including a custom speed curve, time freezer, and a variety of common speed change presets. For example, you can speed it up and then slow it down, and your camera’s lenta video will still remain smooth even after being slowed down. By continuously speeding up footage, you can create amazing hyperlapse or timelapse videos.

Some ideas of places where you can use our app:
– slow down and capture the jump moment when you jump high
-slowmo your amazing HD clip of every game replay and share it on Youtube and Twitch
– make free fluid dance speed edits with knot video editor for Tik Tok and Instagram Reels
-create a fun fast and slow video clip and turn it into a Gif to send to whatsapp, you can also choose simple normal mode and select your ultra slow motion speed up to 1 / 10x or fast – video acceleration up to 10x. With added video and music filters, you can create amazing and professional slomo or timeplas videos.

#Highlight Moments Fx
There are all kinds of slow motion effects available in our app to help you make the most creative and amazing edits in an easy way, no matter what your editing skills are. There are only two steps: first, select an fx highlight moment that you like; Second, choose when to start. You will get a video including all kinds of effects, such as glitter, zooms or flashy lights, as well as VSCO type filters, which you can then check out in our video player. If you add music that can match the movement and rhythm, it will be a viral dance video on TikTok and on Instagram Boomerang and Insta Reels.

Download Time Cut and play with time!

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