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Tides app & widget – eTide HDF v1.4.0 (Ad-Free) APK

eTide HDF: Tide app and widget with tide maps for the whole world.

Tide schedules for over 10,000 tide stations in the US, UK, Canada, and more, with multi-month forecasts.

The app saves the last 50 offline tide charts so you can work without the internet.

Widgets are resizable from 1×1 to 5×5 and can be displayed in both graph and table form. They are automatically updated to reflect the current day. The tide station data used in the widget is available offline.

The tides app tracks current location and displays tides near me.

The tide graph can be stretched and compressed by gestures. Swipe your finger left and right to get an ocean tide forecast with pinpoint accuracy for the next few days.

There is a horizontal line on the graph. The intersection of the horizontal line and the graph indicates the time required to launch and recover the boat. Move the horizontal line up and down to change the desired depth. The application stores the line depth for each port.

eTide HDF supports local phone and GMT time. Heights are available in feet inches meters and centimeters.

The distance measurement tool displays the distance between two points in thousand kilometers and nautical miles.

The app and widgets have options to change colors and transparency of charts and tables. Widgets display each station with its own color. The app supports day and night themes. It is possible to increase and decrease the font size to make it easier to read the numbers or to see more data.

The moonrise and moonset times of sunrise and sunset are shown in a table and diagram. You can enable and disable them. The tooltip displays data for each station directly on the map when you hover over it.

You can save or share charts and graphs via email or messenger with your contacts.

As the tide data published in eTide HDF is not likely to be used during travel, please do not use it for navigation.


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