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ThinkRight.me: Meditate Think Positive & Succeed v3.25 (PRO MOD) APK

ThinkRight.me helps you become healthier, happier, and confident using powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques. It offers daily affirmations, a rich library of goal-based guided meditations, and mindfulness tools like yoga and the emotional journal. It helps you make a paradigm shift from stress to calm, from anger to peace, from anxiety to confidence, from sadness to happiness, to create a more focused and joyful YOU!

Our exclusive Daily Affirmation Trip gives you a powerful affirmation every day and allows you to reaffirm and live that affirmation throughout the day. This unique daily journey is anchored by world renowned mentor and meditation master BK Shivani.
Other world-renowned masters and guides offer a range of goal-oriented meditation and mindfulness techniques. \

Main Features:

* Daily affirmation trip with a powerful affirmation for the day
* Rich library of guided meditations for personal growth, self-healing, inner peace and sleep, etc.
*Music to help you relax, focus and reduce stress
* Meditation timer
* Mindfulness journal to help you keep track of your thoughts and emotions
*Yoga For Mind – An exclusive yoga journey by renowned mentors to guide you on your path to health and wellness

Use the powerful daily meditation journey guided by BK Shivani to:

* Start your day with a powerful 5-minute affirmation
*Schedule gentle reminders throughout the day to help keep you on track with the affirmation of the day
* Reflect on the day with a guided evening reflection

Explore the exclusive meditation trips that will help you calm down and relax in the middle of a busy day. These also help you:

* Understand the basics of meditation
* Connect with the inner self and much more
Take meditative breaks throughout the day with our library of quick meditations. These help you overcome everyday situations and:
*Help you release stress
* Overcome sadness
* Reduce anxiety
*Let go of the anger
* Remove confusion and much more

Follow exclusive guided meditations from other world famous masters to:

* Improve focus and focus
* Create happiness
*Reduce anger and anxiety
* Relieve stress
* Give up fears
*Overcome addictions
* Create great relationships
* Overcome excessive thinking
*Sleep well
* Heal yourself
And get much more …

Easy-to-use Guided Mindfulness Journal that helps you let go of negative thought patterns and reinforce positive patterns:

* Keep track of your daily lifestyle
* Record your feelings and become aware of your internal thought patterns

Yoga for the mind

* Learn different types of yoga techniques from world-renowned mentors and guides
* Easy-to-follow yoga series to help make it part of your daily routine

Other features include:

* Define your meditation goals and personalize your experience
*Meditation tools such as timer and song counter to organize your meditation practices where we also integrate with the health app to read and track your meditation minutes to better guide you
* Daily inspirational quotes and articles
* Option to customize notification preference to remind and reaffirm

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