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Text to Speech (TTS) -Text Reader & Converter v1.2.6 (Subscribed) Apk

Text to Speech is a simple and easy to use text-to-speech converter also called TTS. It offers easy type and speech option in eleven different languages. Just type your text or copy it, in the text box press the speaker button to hear what you typed or pasted. Text to speak includes many features such as text input, text to speech converter, text copy, audio text recording, text box deletion and much more.

An interesting feature of text to speech is to “save audio file of text.” You can use this feature for voiceover on your video ”. Type the text and tap on the speakerphone to listen to this text and when you finish listening you will see that the Record button is activated now. Press the activated button to use it as a text voice generator.

Features of Text to Speech (TTS):

– Text to speech converter
– Copy text
– Record audio from this text player
– Convert text to audio in eleven languages
– Change the tone of voice
– Increase or decrease the volume
– Precise pronunciation
– Change the audio speed
– Copy text you wrote for text to audio conversion
– clear voice generator
– Share text and audio on any platform

Type and pronounce:

Text-to-speech is the easiest way to hear what you’ve typed. Select your language and start typing. He will speak very precisely because he uses the latest online speech to text library. After typing some text, you can copy that text. You can also download the audio file after you finish typing and listening in this awesome text to voice generator.

How to use TTS:

Text to Speech is the simplest and easiest TTS app to use. It provides the need to convert text to voice on the first screen of the application. Just open it, select the language and start typing or paste the text you copied earlier, tap the speaker icon to listen to it, it will work as voice generator and after listening you can download the text written as a .wav file. Delete button erases all text, by copy option you can copy this text, and by sharing you can share it with any social platform.

Change height:

The change in pitch is an interesting feature of these tts. You can generate a narrowed voice by increasing the pitch and generate a heavier voice by decreasing the pitch. Text-to-speech provides the maximum and minimum pitch change possible.

Change the speed:

Never get bored while using text to speech converter because TTS has the option of increasing voice speed. Even though the voice speed is faster, you can easily slow it down. Take advantage according to your needs.

Change the volume:

Text to speech has a custom volume change option to listen to the sound of the text. Listen to the text louder or more slowly by changing the volume. Increase the volume of the listening text if the audio is slower and decrease it if the audio is louder.
Text is the best way to make it easy to convert text to voice and share with your friends and family. Your feedback is important to us, please let us know.


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