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Tasks – to do list with sync, reminders & calendar v2.25.12 (PRO Mod) APK

“Tasks” is a list app that will help you organize your daily life.

Start and add new tasks in the blink of an eye using Quick Add (Android 7.1 and above) or from another app.

Note for users
If you have a comment or want help, email me.

A simple to-do list app
Tasks is an application that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Whether you want to manage a shopping list or just a list of various tasks. With Tasks, you can create powerful lists, color code them and then manage them with intuitive gestures like drag and drop to redefine priority or drag to delete.

Use reminders so tasks are delivered at the right time and notifications to complete don’t require opening the app, just mark a task as done or repeated for later.

Have your say
Tasks is designed to be easy to use. This app is in active development with the most popular feature requests / suggestions added. So if you want to shape the future of tasks, give us your feedback.

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