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Tarteel: Quran A.I. v5.22.5 (Premium) APK

Tarteel, the world’s first AI-powered Quranic app, is what you need to move forward on your journey with the Quran. You can interact with God’s word like never before with just one touch, all you need is your voice. Click on the microphone to recite and watch the scriptures appear in front of you.

Use the intuitive AI intonation to open the Qur’an and create a tailored experience for its users to interact with your recitations and track your activity in line with your work patterns and goals. Think of it as your own helper, always ready to listen and communicate with you about the Qur’an. Recitation exists to help each user develop and maintain a deep connection with the Qur’an. Improving your recitation will boost your confidence and build habits that will last a lifetime.

Tarteel is free to use, contains no ads, and prioritizes user privacy. The team drives Islamic values ​​and passion to serve the Islamic nation using innovative technology.

tarteel premium

Improve your Quran memory with a paid subscription to Tarteel Premium. Features include:

Memory error detection

Start reciting and you will be notified when a word is missing, a word is used wrong or one is said too much! Intonation will highlight and track your mistakes so you can review and review them next time. This feature does not currently include intonation or pronunciation corrections, but we are working on incorporating them into intonation in due course.

Advanced Memory Mode

Hide text and recitation; Hymn will highlight the sacred texts and follow your recitation so you can check your memory at any time. You are one step away from mastering this verse!

– music player

Listen to your recitation and find out where you need to improve.

– a challenge

Set goals related to your interaction with the Qur’an and start developing a habit that will last a lifetime.

– Advanced progress tracking

Check if you have achieved your goals with a detailed analysis about Quran sharing.

Join the 500,000 promised who uses recitation to strengthen his relationship with the Qur’an!

Do you use intonation? Your feedback helps us improve the platform and add our long-term roadmap. If you’ve benefited from Tarteel, please remember to leave us a review – we’d love to hear from you! Request new features here: http://feedback.tarteel.ai

Tarteel requires a microphone and a stable internet connection for its audio features to work. Make sure you allow Tarteel to access these permissions on your device.


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