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Talking Alarm Clock Beyond v4.8.5 (Unlocked Mod) APK

What better way to motivate yourself to wake up than with spoken time and an optional message to remind you of the important activities of the day! All completely customizable.

★Alarms can be one-time, repeated weekly or a specific date in the future (January 1, 2024? Sure, why not!)

★Direct start support: alarms are reactivated immediately after reboot before unlocking (API 24+)

★Many ways to stop alarms to make sure you wake up: math, captcha, tremors, walking and more

★Wake up to your favorite music: ringtone, music, song playlist or online radio

★Unique Alarm Clock Music: We have included 17 FREE sounds that you can use or search for a ringtone or song on your device

★Mayday Mode: Like having a backup alarm that makes sure you get up at a specific time. Turn your alarm clock into a LOUD alarm clock that can only be dismissed by making sure you get up!

★Ok Google: set your alarm / timer via voice with Ok Google

★Backup: automatic backup and restore

★Alarm clock options: Dozens of ways to personalize your alarm clock. Each alarm has its own settings that can be changed without affecting other alarms, in addition to the default alarm settings for each new alarm


Alarm options include:

✔Alarm Label: Shown in the alarm list and spoken with the alarm as an additional reminder

✔Alarm type: once, a repeat weekly or a specific date in the future

✔Sound type: ringtone, music, song playlist or online radio

✔Alarm Volume: Overwrite the system volume with your volume preferences – play even during Do Not Disturb mode

✔Prevent lowering of volume – great option for heavy sleepers (or disable if you prefer)

✔Volume increase: Gradually increase the alarm volume over a period of time

✔Speaking time: Say the time after the alarm starts and repeat at an interval of your choice

✔Repeat options: choose repeat method, repeat duration, maximum repeat number and auto repeat duration (or disable repeat altogether)

✔Ignore Options: Similar options for snooze are available

✔Vibration: Enable or disable vibration during the alarm

✔Weather: Displays the current temperature and conditions on the closing screen

✔Upcoming Alarm Notification: Get notified before the alarm goes off

✔Delete after deletion: You can choose to delete a warning after it has been deleted

✔Copy / Restore / Preview Functionality – Allows you to easily manage and test your alarms

And more! Also, many new features under development.

New Features

– Android 12 support
– New: Calendar alarms can now be repeated on a daily interval
– Time-picker: better initial time, and fixed bug entering time with keyboard
– Added ‘Current Alarm Details’ at the top of the alarm stats screen
– Error resolution strategies improved
– Danish and Norwegian added – now supporting 22 languages!
– Many other minor improvements

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