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Sync for reddit (Pro) v22.06.17 (Paid) Apk

Sync for reddit (formerly reddit sync) is a comprehensive app for browsing the popular reddit site wherever you are. With secure connection, comments, messaging, profiles and more. Sync for reddit aims to provide you with the best and latest reddit experience.

The pro version removes all ads!

Sync reddit highlights:

+ A beautiful, rich material design user interface with many customizable options
+ Rich map experience with image, video and text previews
+ Incredible performance
+ Easily swipe back from messaging, comments, search and subreddits without using the back button
+ Multi-account support with OAuth secure login, subreddit sync and multireddit sync
+ State-of-the-art image viewer with support for images, GIFs, Gfycat, GIFV and galleries
+ Advanced submission editor with integrated editing options
+ Synchronize your read articles between devices and the desktop (requires reddit gold)
+ Beautiful night theme with AMOLED support and automatic night mode
+ Color-coded comments for quick scanning

+  Send messages to other users and receive notifications of incoming messages
+ Subscribe to over 500,000 subreddits available on reddit (and growing!)
+ Cycle through random subreddits when you’re bored!
+ Sidebar support with quick subscription to subroutines
+ Full spoiler support for popular submarriages
+ Customize the font sizes according to your needs
+ And much more!

What makes Sync unique?

+ Optimized for / r / soccer
+ Beautiful transitions of material activity
+ Recommended subreddits based on your most viewed subreddits
+ Quickly switch between accounts when commenting or sending a message!
+ Open multiple subs at once with the multi-window support!
+ Sort the submarines according to the most viewed
+ Long press on an image to see a quick preview (and even albums!)
+ Super fast image loading
+ Configuration profiles by account
+ Android 7.1 application shortcuts (depending on your most viewed)
+ Highly configurable automatic night mode (start and end time)
+ Weekly updates
+ 99.9% without crash

Head over to / r / redditsync for app news and discussions!

Please note that Sync for reddit is an unofficial app. reddit and the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by reddit Inc. and are used under license.

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