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Swift Installer – Themes & color engine v533 (Paid) Apk

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Swift Installer bundles what works best for Swift Substratum themes and comes with its own installer and color engine! You can now install Swift Themes and modify everything. The color choices are almost endless, as you can enter your own preferred hex color code for dark backgrounds and accents. About 200 applications are currently themed.

ROOT requirement and supported systems:

&Taurus; Root is required on Custom ROMs, Nexus, Pixel, and OxygenOS (Oreo and Pie) based on the AOSP protocol.
– From now on, root is also required on all Samsung Pie devices except: S9, S9 + and Note 9.
&Taurus; Root is not required on Samsung Oreo.


Please note that the basic requirement for overlays on Samsung Pie is a change made by Samsung and may be incorporated into the S9 \ N9 line in future versions of these devices. This is under Samsung’s control

, not ours.

We recommend this installer for users who plan to use Swift themes only. If you want to mix themes, you can use our Substratum themes.

Notable Features:

– Themes are included.
– The color engine is included with endless dark color choices.
– An easy-to-use update system. No need to reinstall all overlays for every update.

List of supported applications: https://goo.gl/gS84kK

Documentation: https://kutt.it/swift

Samsung Theme: First-time installation requires manual installation of all apps, resulting in a lot of clicks. Once the first installation is complete, our update system will make the process smoother and faster. There is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of the task, you’ll find it easy to use. Note: For Samsung Pie, you need to enable Native Night Mode from your device settings.

OxygenOS Theme:

We are basing the theme on the native OxygenOS dark theme. The first thing to do is therefore to switch to the native OOS Dark theme. , then press OK!


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