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Sun Locator Pro v4.5-pro (Paid) APK

Sun Locator predicts the position of the sun over a day and a year.

– Where is there the most sun in my apartment?
– When does the neighboring building cast a shadow on my terrace?
– Where and when does the sun rise and set?
– When does the sun disappear behind the mountain?
– When is the perfect time for photography?

The Sun Locator is a useful tool for determining the position of the sun in real estate, architecture, photography, outdoor sports, gardening, etc.

– The main view displays important data about the current position of the sun and the moon, such as sunset and sunrise, twilight, moon phase, etc.
– The camera view shows the AR (augmented reality) functionality of Sun Locator. The position of the sun and moon is overlaid on your device’s camera. It helps you directly follow the path of the sun and moon and detect any obstruction.
– The map view shows the path of the sun and moon overlaid on Google Maps and the shadow is displayed on a 3D sundial.
– 3D terrain simulator simulates the light conditions in a 3D landscape over the course of a day and a year and calculates the shadows of mountains, hills and valleys

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