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Sugar Mail v1.4-260 (Pro Mod) APK

Reliable push mail with low battery usage.

Internet Mail like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Yandex and many other mail providers from AOL to Zoho.

Exchange / Office 365 messaging with synchronization of contacts and calendar.

• Push mail (get new messages instantly)
• Several accounts and files
• Presentation of accounts / files
• Has a dark theme
• Combined inbox displays messages from all accounts / folders
• Intelligent message sorting (optional, unread, and pinned to top)
• Snooze (delayed notifications)
• Sender images (for popular websites like Amazon)
• Scheduled sending
• Save messages in .pdf or .eml format
• Formatted composition (from color to bulleted lists)
• Personalization
• Code snippets (on the drafting screen, with formatting and images)
• Several signatures
• PIN code protection with fingerprint unlocking
• Message groups (by sender address or domain, with presets for shopping and social networks)
• Block unwanted messages by sender address
• Unsubscribe from mailing lists or promotions easily
• Exchange categories

This is a 14 day trial, after that please consider purchasing at $ 11.95 / year (month is also available).


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