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Straight Posture-Back exercise v3.4.2 (Premium) APK

⭐ As they say “Humans are as young and healthy as their spine is flexible.” Nowadays, the problem of lack of neck and back pain relief exercises lack of flexibility and poor posture correction is very common.

🏆 Having a healthy spine is very important. Our at-home back workout and flexibility training – that’s what every busy person should do.
Let’s do a simple experiment: stand up straight, keep your legs straight, and try to touch the ground with your palms. Is it difficult? If you can’t touch the floor if you have neck strain or pain – you should definitely do yoga for spine health which is characterized by its flexibility, so take care of your health before doing stretches for back pain exercises and doing posture correction exercises for spinal stimulation for women.

App Features:
✔️ 90 different types of back exercises for men at home with detailed video and text instructions for each scoliosis exercise;
✔️ 3 time-tested programs based on yoga principles for spinal health – get a great back muscle workout at home;
✔️ Motivation and rewards system – stay motivated and do spinal exercises daily and build better posture;
✔️ Set reminders and notifications – you’ll never forget to do yoga for neck pain again;
✔️ Develop personal training programs and use a scoliosis meter;
✔️ The statistics system of your results – follow the flexibility of the spine on a daily basis.

Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. Modern life forces people to spend more time sitting – when you sit in the office for a long time in a car or bus, it causes great harm to the body. More often than not, there is no possibility of completely changing the lifestyle, but there is always the possibility of doing spine-healthy exercise. Simply do back pain relief exercises to receive more energy in your life. Sudden shocks and prolonged compressive loads can cause the vertebrae to shift and pinch the spinal disc nerves. Everyone needs to improve their bad posture!

That’s why every person should do back flexibility stretches and simply follow the instructions in the right posture app for spinal stimulation health.
In addition, permanent work in the office and at the computer has a very negative impact on our posture, and as a result there is slouching (as a result – the lack of energy and general malaise, headaches) . The only way is to stretch for back pain exercises. Therefore, posture correction exercises for men and neck pain are related to each other.

The only thing you need to do is follow the recommendations of our virtual instructor and do the back exercises for women and men. And the results will certainly come in a short time. Let’s do an experiment. Try doing the first week of yoga for better posture correction application and spine training…

What is spinal scoliosis?
Scoliosis is a fairly common disease that accompanies many people due to the features of modern lifestyle. The exercise app for scoliosis will take care of that. Back flexibility training and training will become an excellent assistant. The danger of spinal cord injury is not only in the aesthetic imperfection of the figure. It leads to a deformation of the chest which causes an overstrain of the heart muscle and breathing problems. One of the effective measures of therapy is gymnastics in the application of scoliosis and doing special exercises for the back for women at home. And you will fix your bad posture and spinal disc!

This app is for:
The main goal of this application is to create a stable habit of back flexibility stretches, strengthen them and make them flexible. Finally, try doing spinal exercises for at least a week and you will definitely see results and become more energetic. This application is developed for all age groups. The posture exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitable for both men, women, children and the elderly, as well as anyone who needs exercises to


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