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Stay Focused – App & Website Block 6.0.7 (Premium) APK

Stay Focused – App Blocking & Website Blocking is a self-monitoring, productivity and app usage tracking app that helps you focus by limiting usage of blocked apps or blocked sites or global phone according to daily / hourly usage limit / specified number of launches / time intervals limit and screen unlock limit.
Spending too much time on social media or messaging apps? Block it and it will help you reduce usage.

Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block is an easy to use productivity app that works as App Usage Tracker, App Blocker and Website Blocker. Besides being a phone usage tracker and app blocker, you can:

☞ Temporarily block any app or website using the app blocker self-check app.
☞ Set limits on access to your phone and reduce your dependence on the phone
☞ Block your e-mail and temporarily deactivate your e-mail notifications
☞ Stay Focused Application Block allows you to set a limit on social media applications. for example. You can set to limit the use of FB to 40 minutes per day, 5 minutes per hour

☞ Strict mode with exhalation and QR code function helps you to follow limitation if you have low self-control
☞ Stay focused The app block allows you to turn off other notifications for a specific period to help you focus
☞ App Blocker helps you focus on your work or study
☞ Staying focused helps you increase study time
☞ AppBlock helps you spend quality time with your family
☞ Stay focused App Block is the best tool to increase productivity and focus

☞ Stay focused on Block app helps you reduce mobile phone usage and control phone addiction
☞ AppBlock helps block the apps you spend the most time to reduce usage
☞ Stay Focused on App Blocker helps you block distracting apps and reduce distractions / limit distractions
☞ Blocking the application increases self-control
☞ Stay focused on the Blocker app helps you stop procrastinating
☞ The Stay Focused application block allows you to keep track of your usage history
☞ App Blocker helps you be more anti social
☞ AppBlock helps you with digital well-being


★ Block apps and Block sites based on daily usage / time of day and Stay focused: after spending the daily allowed time Stay focused block you from using the app
★ Block apps and sites
★ Block notifications
★ Offtime: moves you away from selected applications for the selected duration
★ App usage history: helps you keep track of your app usage history
★ Time spent on apps: helps you keep track of time spent on apps
★ Check phone history: collect the digits of you have checked the phone
★ Activity history: collect the time you open apps
★ Strict mode: prevent you from changing settings
★ Lock mode: requires password to change settings.

Required permissions:
• Device administrator permission – This app uses the device administrator permission.


Premium Features Unlocked

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