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Spelling Master: Spell & Vocab v2.21 (Premium) APK

Improved version with over a million downloads

Support for British and American English word spelling.
Meaning of pronunciation of the word and example of using the word in a real sentence.
Phonetics of the word also available.

Download now to learn and practice new words from the selected list of commonly misspelled English words.

This English spelling game is essential if you want to practice your mistakes and improve your spelling quickly.

Also includes:
– Phonetic sentence example and pronunciation meaning of the word
– British and American English spelling
– Multiple levels that gradually progress
– A large list of commonly misspelled English words
– Custom quiz (with premium version)

This English spelling app is especially useful for those learning English as a second language. Spelling Master makes the learning process quick and easy by previewing mistakes and practicing them as many times as needed.

Spelling Master is a useful app with several short quizzes. The levels start simple and gradually get more advanced.
At each level, you can review in detail the phonetic meaning of the pronunciation of the word and how to use that word in a sentence. It will help to remember and connect all this information at once.

This spelling app is a free educational game designed to help students learn quickly. By using Spelling Master you can improve your spelling skills and prepare for school exams.
Improve your vocabulary by checking the meaning of words your grammar by looking at sample sentences your pronunciation by listening and checking the phonetics of each word.

Upgrading to the premium version not only removes the ads, but also unlocks the custom quiz section of the app. In the custom section, you can add a review and practice your own words.

If you are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL exams, the list of existing levels in addition to the personalized quiz will help you considerably. By adding your own words, you are free to practice any word you think needs more attention.

Unlike other apps with multiple choice (MCQ) question types, Spelling Master encourages you to type the word completely to apply the learning process. It will help you increase general knowledge of English spelling.


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