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Solid Alarm Pro v2.9 (Paid) APK

It is an extended version of solid awakening. If you want to have a simpler alarm clock with less flexibility and without alarm modes, you need to install solid extended alarm clock for free.

Solid Alarm Clock is an innovative alarm clock with a function that is to wake you up.
It will wake you up with a 100% probability.

To wake you up this app uses a lot of different functions:

1. “Don’t be in the wrong box” ©. When the alarm is executed a short sound chunks and after a while a real alarm signal will be played. The meaning of it not to be in the wrong box if your misconfigured alarm clock sets off an alarm when you have an important meeting.

2. “Easy wake up” ©. You will wake up easily due to nature noises and slowly turn up the sound volume.

3. “Strong wake up” ©. If you haven’t woken up after nature sounds, you will hear very loud and dynamic alarm sounds with vibrator that repeats endlessly.

4. “Did you wake up, Einstein?” ©. When you want to turn off your alarm clock you need to solve the simple arithmetic equation.

5. “Disgusting Repetition” ©. When you want to put your alarm clock to sleep, you will hear the disgusting sound to wean you from the habit of sleeping in the alarm clock.

6. Snooze © “Limitations”. You can snooze your alarm clock limited number of times and of course you can set up a snooze delay time.

P.S. We have a lot of new ideas to improve this alarm clock and we need your ideas and opinions on this product. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

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