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SocialX – Limit App Usage & Screen Time Tracker v1.3.40 (Premium) APK

Using social media apps is not a problem. But, overuse is!
Are you looking for an application to limit your use of social networks?
Are you looking for a screen time blocker app to help you use WhatsApp?

Then you have come to the right place. SocialX is here to help.
It can track and reduce your screen time on social media apps.

With SocialX, you can:

📱 limit the use of social networks
📈 increase your digital well-being
📱 limit the use of WhatsApp
👪 have a good time with your family
💯 increase efficiency and productivity

Main characteristics:

1) Track your screen time:

With this app, you can track the time spent on social media (you can also limit the time spent using social media) and other apps in everyday life. You can see some interesting statistics on the time spent on the apps in the last 7 days. You can also find statistics on the time spent on each app (this is a premium feature).

2) Set a daily limit on social media use:

This Android screen time blocker app allows you to set a daily goal for how much time you want to spend on social media. This way you have more time to spend in the real world and with real people. Once the limit is set on this social media blocker app, every time you open any social media app, you will see a timer at the top of the screen. This timer keeps you mindful of your goal of keeping your usage under an hour. When your usage is less than 50% of your goal, the timer will display in green. Once you get past 50% it changes to orange / amber. Once your usage exceeds 90%, the timer will change to a warning red color.

3) Block apps other than social media:

Not only social media apps, you can also track and block other apps that are wasting your time. For example. let’s say you spend a lot of time on youtube. But, technically, Youtube is not a social media product. However, you can still add it to the list of apps to track and the blocker tracks and limits your youtube usage, to add more than 3 social media apps you will need a premium subscription.

4) Define the usage limit per application:

By default, SocialX has a total time limit on all the apps you follow. However, you might want to limit the use of a specific app, for example, you want to limit the use of Instagram, Twitter to a certain amount of time. You can also set an app specific usage limit (this is a premium feature). With this feature, you can make sure that a specific application doesn’t steal your productivity.

5) Prevent uninstallation:

If you enable this option, the SocialX app cannot be uninstalled. You will need to disable this feature to uninstall the app. You will have to wait a day to deactivate this feature. (this is a premium feature)

6) Sleep peacefully:

Block all social media apps during bedtime to sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed. When this switch is on, social media apps will not be accessible during your sleeping hours. You can set sleep schedules to suit your daily routine and limit your use of Instagram and Twitter.

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