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Smart Inventory System – Mobile & Web v1.3.1.5 (Premium) (Mod) APK

It is very easy to manage and track your products with our system.

With Smart Inventory, you can manage your inventory from your computer or other mobile operating system using our web application. Collaboration work is also supported in our system. Thus, multiple users can access / manage the same inventory using our cloud system.

Articles: products or articles that can be countable and movable. The articles have their quantities so that you can follow their movements and their accounts. For example; 1 box of milk, 3 notebooks, 2 glasses.

Groups: Allows you to group your objects by their similar attributes. For example, their location, size, shelf number or even the buyer’s name.

Tags: It allows to give additional details for groups like the third level.

This categorization system allows you to create your inventory horizontally using relationships. Creating relationships using items, groups, and tags is very easy and helps manage inventory.

You can add the names of your objects, images, barcode values ​​and their additional information to the system. There is no limit to the amount of additional information about your items.

Possibility to add quantity values ​​to your articles and to follow the movements of quantity at each change of quantity by giving quantity annotations. View quantity changes over time and retrieve reports on those changes with given annotation details.

We support 16 types of QR codes.

Once you have digitized your objects, you can access the details of that object. By using the Scanner mode, you can directly modify the quantities of your articles. Our app can create QR codes for you.

Once registered on our system, you can send your inventory to our secure cloud system and share it with others. You can access your inventory through your computer using our web application.

Using the import and export features, you can transfer your current lists to the app or retrieve reports for other systems. Bulk operations can be performed using the import system. Export to Google Drive.

Our other features;

– 8 languages
– Manually create new items, groups and tags and print their associated system-generated QR codes. These QR codes can be used to track objects through the scan function.
– Sign up for our system through Google, Facebook, Twitter or your email and access your inventory through our web application.
– Back up your data to the cloud and work collaboratively.
– Export your objects as a CSV file in your phone’s memory or on Google Drive.
– Importing allows you to quickly create your inventory.
– Add images to your objects.
– Use Android widgets to quickly reach scan function.
– The summary information page allows you to view your inventory information.

Our cloud system and some of our features are reserved for Premium users. You can see all the details of our premium system from the Premium page in our app.

This app does not automatically search the online system barcodes to find details. To find barcodes, you must first add them to your inventory.

We have a great support team and they are ready to answer your questions. If you have any questions about our app, please contact us directly.

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