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Sleep Cycle alarm clock v4.22.22.6576 (Mod Premium) Apk

Sleep Cycle presents its sound analysis technology: analyze your sleep without having to leave any device in your bed.


Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that studies the rhythms of your sleep and wakes you up in the shallowest phase: wake up naturally, so you feel rested and energized.


When you sleep, you go through different phases of sleep, from light to deep, in a loop. The phase of sleep in which you wake up determines your level of energy when you wake up.

When you sleep, your movements change depending on the phase of sleep you are in. Sleep Cycle’s patented technology studies the rhythms of your sleep by analyzing vibrations and sounds, and tracks the movements you make in your bed during the different phases of sleep.

Sleep Cycle determines the optimum time to wake up from a light sleep phase 30 minutes before the alarm time you set. Waking up during a light sleep phase allows you to wake up naturally, to feel rested and energized, as if you had woken up without an alarm.

Simply activate Sleep Cycle while lying down and place your device on your nightstand or on the floor near the bed.


– Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle’s patented sound analysis technology or the accelerometer
– Daily detailed sleep statistics and graphs
– Carefully selected wake-up melodies
– Alarm reminder (snooze) by shaking or lightly touching the phone
– Customizable wake-up interval, from snapshot (ordinary wake-up function) to 90 minutes


– Long-term sleep analyzes
– Comparison of your sleep statistics with international data
– Snoring analyzes: discover data on your snoring trends
– Sleep aid: fall asleep more easily
– Sleep notes: observe the impact of certain events (coffee consumption, stressful day, physical exercise, late dinner, etc.) on the quality of your sleep
– Mood upon waking: observe the effects of Sleep Cycle on your morning mood
– Online backup: backup your data online so you never lose it
– Export your sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis


– Be able to charge the phone near the bed
– Be able to place the phone as shown in the screenshots

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