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Sleep as Android v20220830 build 22722 (Unlocked) Apk

Unlocks the full version of “Sleep as Android MOD APK” – an alarm clock from monitoring sleep cycles. Install it and enjoy nice mornings every day.

A smart alarm clock that tracks sleep cycles to gently wake you up at the best time to start a nice morning.

Sleep as Android MOD APK Functions:

– Monitoring sleep cycles with smart wake up (two-week trial)
– Sleep history graph
– Statistics of sleep deprivation, deep sleep and snoring
– cooperation with Pebble SmartWatch
– sharing with friends (Facebook, Twitter)
– gentle sounds of nature in the alarm clock (e.g. birds, sea, storm …)
– music from playlists in the alarm clock
– binaural nature sounds for a quick fall asleep
– never sleep again with CAPTCHA verification (equations, sheep counting, phone shaking, bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
– speech recording while sleeping, snoring detection, anti snoring
And more features waiting for you to discover!
Learn More, Quick Start, Documentation …

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