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Sketcher v2.0.59 (Ad-Free) APK

We have created the best Sketcher drawing app. With the help of many tools in the app, you will learn procedural graphic drawing from scratch. Unlike many drawing tools, this drawing app has the capabilities of procedural texture generation in addition to traditional drawing methods. These features have the following significant benefits:
– high speed of creating new content based on existing developments by modifying and combining them;
– ability to make changes at any stage of image formation;
– increase or decrease texture size without loss of details;
– use of procedural generators to create the base texture and many other advantages.
Discover your creative potential with Sketcher, use it for educational purposes or just have fun! Sketcher is available for free on devices with any OS version.

You will have access to the following procedural drawing tools:
– pencil (imitation of pencil strokes depending on the inclination and the pressure),
– a simple line (a flat line with the possibility of determining its size),
– shadow (draw shadow strokes with automatic detection of transparency),
– chrome (automatic contrast adjustment of light and dark tones, clear lines and smooth transitions with one touch)
– fur (automatic rendering of fur texture),
– wool (automatic rendering of the wool texture),
– web (a technique for drawing web connections between drawn lines),
– squares (draw a line made up of squares and rectangles)
– ribbon (drawing with a ribbon),
– circles (creation of circles with automatic expansion of the diameter according to the length of the line),
– grid-pixel (drawing in pixel style).
For easy drawing and full use of all tools, you can use your finger or your stylus. The app is suitable for different screen sizes and resolutions, so you can draw on your phone or tablet. On devices with a large screen, it is convenient to draw with your finger, especially for children.
The functionality of the drawing tool is simple and intuitive, allowing you to start drawing immediately after installing the app.

Sketch Features:
– canvas selection (tracing mode, background color, loading images from your device),
– dyeing the size and orientation of the canvas,
– possibility to erase the canvas at any stage of the creation of the drawing,
– drawing on the bottom,
– choose the background color using a large color palette,
– color adjustment (RGB, transparency, syringe),
– 11 brushes + eraser,
– select the color of the brush, pen, etc.,
– undo the last action,
– repeat the action,
– color picker,
– zoom the image with a simple pinch,
– automatically save the drawing to your device when you exit the application (save it to your SD card),
– possibility to share a drawing in the application,
– draw text,
– drawing tools: pencil, single line, shadow, chrome, fur, wool, canvas, squares, ribbon, circles, pixel grid.

The unique “tracing” mode for the canvas will create an amazing background for your future artwork. You can also use the background drawing feature to quickly create a new drawing.
Sketcher drawing app will help you create artwork for masters and professional artists, and also suitable for teaching drawing to novice artists. It is also suitable for creating sketches, quick drawings and sketches. Install our app and feel the drawing magic!
You can share your work or just chat in the community of like-minded people in our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/142209259135086


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