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Simple Notes Pro v6.14.1 (Paid) Apk

★ Need to take a quick note to make a shopping list, an address reminder or a startup idea?

So look no further, this is the simple organizing tool you were looking for: Simple Notes: To-do list organizer and planner! Best of Organizer & Good Notes Apps – Free sticky note taking app for android mobile phones. No complicated setup steps are required, just tap the screen and type in what you came for and create notes, quick lists, checklist or backup for any idea. With your simple personal notebook, you can remember everything quickly! Grocery shopping list, to-do list for your daily planner, and easier appointment reminder. ★

Simple Note Planner is a quick and easy to use organizer and remarkable notepad, it will serve as an invaluable tool to help you remember needed information or shopping list in mall through functions unparalleled note-taking!

Our reminder notepad tool lets you keep track of your tasks, create daily sticky notes and a shopping list for items or ideas with unmatched simplicity, notability and time saving. Manage your schedule with our free sticky note organizer apps 🙂

Simple Notes Pro:

To-Do List Organizer and Planner Notepad Reminder Tool comes with an auto-save so you don’t mistakenly reject your changes. It also allows you to very quickly create several independent notes and lists in plain text.

You can easily access the free sticky notes and organize your to-do list notebook in no time by using the customizable and resizable widget, which opens goodnotes organizing apps by touch.

It is user-friendly and contains absolutely no advertising or unnecessary permissions – there are no conditions attached to it. This is a fully open source note maker widget, which provides customizable colors that can be adjusted quickly.

Simple Notes Pro:

To Do List Organizer & Planner is the best sticky note taking and article organizing app you can use without ads. If you need a high quality organizer for good notes fast and reliable, a simple really easy to use shopping list reminder, download our organization apps now 🙂 Have your own personal checklist, organization apps and a notepad in your pocket every day and have a backup diary so you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important meeting or your shopping list 🙂

Contains no unnecessary advertising or permissions. It is fully open source, provides customizable colors.

Check out the full suite of Simple tools here:


Simple Notes Pro standalone website:






Remember, if you uninstall a paid app within 2 hours, you will be automatically refunded. If you want a refund at any time, contact us at hello@simplemobiletools.com and you will get it. So don’t hesitate to try it 🙂


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