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Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.5.0 (Premium) APK

Introducing the best silent camera!

Without shutter sounds, photos can be taken in complete silence!
It is also # 1 among many silent cameras for its high quality images!
Let’s take high quality photos with a silent camera!

When you take a photo with your smartphone,

have you had situations like these?
“I want to take pictures of my baby while he is sleeping, but the sound of the shutter would wake him up.”
“I want to take pictures of my pets’ natural expressions, but the sound of the shutter would surprise them…”.
“And I want to take pictures of the blackboard, but the sound of the shutter in a quiet classroom would be a bit loud …”

So please use this high quality silent camera!

You will not disturb anyone around you because the shutter sound cannot be heard.
You can take high quality photos in any situation such as your baby’s cute sleeping face, your pets’ natural behaviors, and the writing on the chalkboard!

Create the best memories by taking many high quality photos with silent camera!

—– Main Features —–

(1). High quality
(2). High speed continuous shooting
(3). Timer shooting
(4). Zoom
(5). Auto focus / manual focus
(6). Scene selection
(7). white balance
(8). Color effect
(9). Composition guide
(ten). Touch shutter
(11). Geo-tag
(12). Selecting Image Size
(13). Volume key shutter
(14). Photo editor and drama filter

—– Please give your opinion —–

We ask for your feedback to improve the quality and performance of this app.
If you have any problems, please fill in your smartphone name and Android version and report it to “tmp7700@gmail.com.”.
Thank you for your collaboration.

—– Description of access privileges —–

We will never use your information other than for the following purposes.

[Location Information]

Used only to record the location information (geotagging) of the photograph.
The default setting is OFF.

[Image / Media / File]

Used to store the captured images on the smartphone or SD card.


To use the camera function of the smartphone.


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