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Sideload Channel Launcher 3 for TV for Reddit v1.26 (Paid) APK

Sideload Channel Launcher 3 (SLC3) was built on top of our already successful Sideload Channel Launcher 2 (SLC2). We’ve kept everything SLC2 has to offer and brought a whole host of new features to the table.

Main Features:

– Ability to view Reddit images, videos and GIFs directly from your home screen
– A brand new file manager with thumbnails
– Possibility to use GIF images
– A new, easier-to-use user interface
– Ability to select wallpapers to automatically browse
– Ability to create multiple user profiles using our new database for faster switching
– Fully customizable layouts and design
– Widget support
– Possibility to design tiles using:
+ Application icons
+ Icon packs
+ Images
+ An icon included
– Ability to add multiple apps and actions to any tile
– Possibility to define an administrator PIN code to protect your configuration and your tiles
– Import and export of your configuration
– No ads

What sets our TV Launcher and Channel Creator apart from other products?

– Ability to add media content from Reddit to your home screen
– Multiple profiles / layouts can be configured and switched between
– Possibility to use GIF images
– SQL database backend for stability
– Ability to create tiles from multiple sources
– Ability to add website bookmarks to a tile
– File manager
– Possibility to PIN protect tiles, configuration and access
– Fully customizable user interface

For Leanback Launcher / Android Home users, you can also save your created channels in the main Android TV home screen.


This app uses accessibility services. Our app offers the use of BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE which can monitor your key presses (KeyEvent) and can open the recent app menu (performGlobalAction) if you enable the service.

Enabling the Accessibility Service gives us the ability to detect button presses so you can set up an easier / faster way to open SLC3. Choosing your own button means that you can choose a more suitable / accessible button to launch SLC3, which can help you meet the needs of another person. SLC3 does not collect, store or share any of your personal information and this option has only been implemented to help users. In some cases, we may also use the performGlobalAction accessibility service to open the recent application menu.

SLC3 does not watch or collect any user actions or personal information.

If you like our TV Launcher, please consider leaving us a 5 star review.


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