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Show Youtube Dislikes v0.5 Free APK

It is a simple application, which analyzes the data from the API “returnyoutubedislike.com”, and shows you their estimate of the number of dislikes on the videos.

When you open the app, a text box will appear, in which you can enter a youtube url, and the statistics of the given videos will be shown to you.

You can also click on the “Share” button inside the official youtube app and choose “Show Youtube dislikes” which will open the app on the info site for that video.

If possible, use the desktop browser extension, as you’ll be contributing to the project with data you don’t like, and not just leeches, helping everyone get more accurate results.

I want to thank returnyoutubedislike.com for making such an awesome tool, just wanted to make it available for mobile as well.

What’s New?
– New way to display errors as the old way wasn’t supported on all API’s
– m.youtube.com now an acceptable URL

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