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Shortcutter – Quick Settings​ & Sidebar v7.7.9 [(Premium) APK

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ & Sidebar (Premium) Apk

Designed and developed to make your life easier, taking advantage of the excellent TileService API in android N. Shortcutter offers a multitude of additional quick setting tiles over and above those available on your standard device, constantly under development with new features added daily. Available Custom Quick Setting Tiles: * Auto Sync Tile * Next Alarm Tile (with quick access to alarms) * Screen Timeout Tile: toggles through each set screen timeout value * Ring Mode Tile: Ring/Silent/Vibrate * Screen Wake Tile: Keep screen awake indefinitely * Camera Launch Tile * Haptic Feedback Tile * SystemUI Tuner Tile – Launch SystemUI Tuner (Even if not enabled) Plus: * 4 Custom App Tiles (Premium – 1 in the Free version) – choose from all installed applications to launch from quick settings * 4 Custom URL Tiles (Premium – 1 in the Free version) – Enter your own custom website to launch from quick settings

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