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Sectograph. Day & Time planner v5.24.2 (Mod) APK


Sectograph (S.Graph) – A time planner that visually displays a list of cases, events and tasks for the day in the form of a twelve-hour pie chart – the dial.
The app will help you refine the sense of time and visualize the day.


In short, it is the schedule in hours. This is a business calendar, for the exact organization of time.
The planner works like an analog clock widget. It automatically receives all events and tasks from your Google calendar and places them on the 12th sector numbering.


A list of your cases and tasks (Google events), a calendar clock – is displayed as a pie chart in the app and on the device widget.
Events are areas, the duration and duration of which can be clearly tracked in order to follow planned objectives.
The calendar and the analog clock in combination, give an amazingly visual representation of your job, allow you to plan and calculate the day efficiently.


– Daily planning and timing time. Add in Sectograph your daily affairs, agendas, meetings, events and at any time, know how much is left to wait until the end of the current event and before the next one. Do not be late.
– Accounting and monitoring of working hours. Keep the phone in the docking station at the workplace and the business will be completely under control.
– Class schedule. Keep the phone handy and see how much time is left before a tiring college lecture is over and is never late for lab work.

– Plan the day. Your daily routine is now more comfortable than ever. Track it and improve, just use the app as case and daily task organizer.
– The timer goes off and the duration of the air transport. Are you losing track of time due to endless travel and flights? Control the time of registration, landing and duration of the flight. Keep everything under control.

– Plan meals, medications and sports and other important activities. Lead the common sense of life and be healthy!
– Convenient countdown timer for planned events. The plan for the day will be completed exactly.
– Monitor daily affairs on the go and in your car. Achieve the implementation of the goals, for this, keep the application on the device.
– Time management using GTD (Getting Things Done) technology. Routine creates a lot of confusion, but do you try not to forget anything? Work orders require constant control and punctuality!
Daytime planning is what you need.
To do this, use the Sectograph Daily Planner.

– My goals. Note: the timing in the app can be used to achieve goals. The timekeeper will always help to allocate time, organize the day and complete the task on time.
– Connect to Microsoft Outlook (beta)
– Add a local calendar


Do you have an Android Wear smartphone?
Excellent! 24 hours a day, in any situation, you will receive a reminder of cases in an understandable visual form. Now your smart watch is the most effective reminder!


Use the day scheduler widget on your device. Write about personal or work activities.
The widget automatically updates events and times on the smartphone screen once per minute and after new tasks appear in the calendar.

P.S: The application will be useful to users of the calendar – Chronodex.

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