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SDPROG v2.3.0 (Premium) APK

SDPROG is a modern software that connects to the car’s on-board computer and provides the most important information related to its operation. The tool is very easy and intuitive to use. It is a solution for those who want to have full control of their car.

The program supports all makes and models of cars until 2021, regardless of the country in which they were produced. It is possible due to the fact that the OBDII / EOBD system has been installed in cars with the emergence of environmental protection standards, which force car manufacturers to use a uniform diagnostic system.
The program supports all makes and models of cars produced after 2001 with a gasoline engine and 2004 with a diesel engine.

It enables:
– reading the reason for the Check Engine / MIL indicator light
– reading codes: saved, pending, permanent, generic and specific for a given manufacturer
– obtaining additional repair instructions
– erasing fault codes

The program reads all codes related to the OBDII system:
P – drive system
B – body
C – chassis
U – network communication

In addition, it has an extensive database of technical tips that will help the user to find the fault and remove it more efficiently, e.g. will indicate:
– possible causes of the failure
– the reasons for the appearance of the error code
– possible symptoms
– the principle of operation of the component

Provides useful information when buying a car, such as:
– the distance traveled since the MIL activation of the indicator light
– time since the fault codes were removed
– time since the MIL is activated

In order to better understand the processes taking place in the engine, the application has the ability to monitor the operation of individual sensors in the car:
– engine temperature, intake air and ambient temperature
– the position of the accelerator pedal
– voltage in the electrical system
– turbo boost pressure
– lambda probe voltage
– many other

The key to the SDPROG program can be purchased from authorized resellers.


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