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SD Maid System Cleaning Tool v5.3.23 (Dark/Orange/Blue) (Pro) Apk

SD Maid mod APK will help you keep your device tidy and free of any frills!
It gives you a collection of tools to manage your app<s and files.

No one is perfect and neither is Android.
Apps that you’ve already deleted leave traces.
Logs, crash reports, and other files you don’t really want are being created all the time.
Your memory collects files and directories that you do not recognize.
But let’s not continue… Let SD Maid help you!

Sd Maid allows you to:

– Browse your entire device and manipulate files through a comprehensive explorer.
– Delete unnecessary files from your system.
– Manage user and system installed apps.
– Detect files that previously belonged to uninstalled apps.
– Search for files by name, content or date.
– Get a detailed overview of your device’s memories.
– Optimize databases.
– Actually clean up apps and delete unwanted files, replacing what others might call “cache cleaning”.
– Detect duplicate images, music or documents, regardless of their name or location.
– Run tools automatically by scheduling them or using widgets.

Still have questions ? Just send me an email!


Fixed: Crash when creating an Activity shortcut and the app has no name.


Changed: The thumbnails filter is no longer enabled by default [#1382].
Changed: The three different types of thumbnail filters have been merged into one [#1386] Changed: Filter categories generic/specific.


Improved: Bugreports filter.
Improved: if freeStorageAndNotify is unavailable, hide it.


Improved: Duplicates scan now skips files when I/O errors occur during checksum calculation instead of aborting [#1389].


Fixed: Crash when opening the Scheduler settings [#1383].
Fixed: Crash when restoring the Scheduler page after low memory events [#1387].

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