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SD Card manager, Analyzer & Transfer Files v1.3 (PRO) APK

SD card manager is a very useful application to help you manage your storage space on your phone. We have so much junk data on our phone and also want to know what is occupying your data. This application helps you analyze your storage space used by pictures, audio files, videos or any other files.
This app also supports file manager for your device, picture viewer, custom audio player, video player, app manager and more !.

Main features of the application:

1. SD card storage analyzer:

– List of all images, videos, audios and other files from the single removable SD card,
– All these categories can perform functions like Copy, Move, Share, Delete, Rename for single and multiple selected files.

2. File manager

-> Support internal and external memory.
-> Also support external SD card, OTG, etc.
-> Copy, move, rename, share, delete files and folders,
-> Show file details like format, size, location, last modified date, etc.
-> Access history: quick access to previously opened files.
-> Show hidden folders and files (.) On device memory or SD card.
-> Select multiple folders and files for faster management.
-> Application manager: list all installed applications and display its information, uninstall the application directly.
-> APK Manager: List all APK files and install APK from manager.

Advanced features

1. Image manager and viewer
– List all photos on your device. View, share, delete, rename your photos.

2. Audio manager and viewer
– List all audio files on your device. Play all songs in a custom audio player with shuffle and shuffle function.

3. Video manager and viewer
– List all videos on your device. Play the video in a custom video player.

4. Other file managers and viewer
– List all documents, PDFs, text files on your device. Open the selected file in the supported installed application.

Please leave your comments and suggestions. Thank you!

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