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Screenshot X – Screen Capture v2.99.0 (Pro) APK

Screenshot X – Screen Capture Tool – the fastest and easiest way to take and share screenshots!

Powerful Screen Capture Tool – Capture screenshots in 1 click!

Download Screenshot X, a FREE screen tool to instantly capture screens and share screenshots. Just open the app (snipping tool) and an icon will appear on your phone screen. Tap the icon whenever you want to take a screenshot. Then you can immediately share or save the screenshot via other apps: messaging apps, emails, clouds, photo editing or other phone tools!

Screenshot for all types of devices ✅
Tired of trying to capture screenshots with one hand or even two? With larger phones, it’s difficult to capture the screen by pressing two buttons simultaneously, just like other gestures that mess up the screen. What if we told you that we can help you capture it in less than a second with just the tap of a finger with our handy screenshot tool? It is a flexible screenshot application that allows you to share screenshots with anyone using phone tools already installed on your phone. Simple. Easy. Useful. And free!


✅ ONE TAP screenshot. Just tap the icon and our app will instantly capture a screenshot.
✅ See something cool or funny on Instagram or in chat sessions? Capture the screen with the Screen Grabber feature!
✅ No one will know you took the screenshot. One tap on your phone screen and you’re done.
✅ Share screen recording via other apps: email, Facebook photo editing apps, cloud service or any phone tools you have.
✅ Move the “screenshot” icon anywhere on the screen for more comfortable viewing.
✅ Screenshot X – Screenshot tool saves each screenshot to a new image file called Screenshots.

Want to see your contact list from months ago? Easy if you take a screenshot of the phone numbers of those important customers. Your screenshot is saved in the file called Screenshots. Want to send a map or directions to your disabled friends? Nothing is easier than to click (screenshot) and send the screenshot or screen recording.

Images app icons maps tools contacts addresses – whatever is on your screen you can capture with Screenshot X and save screenshots in one place so you don’t have to search for what you need . you need now.

Enhance your Android experience in every way with Screenshot X – Screen Capture Tool!

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