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Screenshot touch v2.0.6 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Screenshot touch Mod APK

Screenshot touch Touch Screen Capture supports Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

[Screenshot touch Basic Features]

• Capture by contact (notification area, overlay icon, by shaking the device)
• Stream screen recording video for mp4 with options (resolution, frame rate, bit rate, audio)
•Web page any scrolling capture (with an in-app web browser)
• There are two ways to scroll the capture. One is to share the URL in a web browser and select Touch Screen Capture. The second is to invoke the in-app browser by tapping the globe icon on the settings page.
• Photo viewer
•Trimmer image (crop report, rotation)
• Drawing on the captured image (Pen, Text, Rectangle, Circle, Stamp, Opacity and so on)
• Sharing screenshot images to other installed applications (user controlled)

[Dynamic characteristics]

•Capture options (choose save directory, optional subfolders, file format, jpeg quality, capture delay and so on)
•Persistent notification (optional): This allows the notification to always remain present which cannot be swiped away. It invigorates the accessibility of screen touch.
• Multiple Savings Folders: This allows you to create categorized way subfolders to group your screenshots. This especially helps when taking a series of screenshots of different screen activities by organizing what is recorded or avoiding having to use a file manager afterwards. For example; you don’t want your Facebook screenshots mixed in the same folder with your screenshots from your favorite app, game or homescreen.

[ To remark ]

• Cannot capture secure pages (eg banking apps) that have the LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE option
• Media projection service is an Android OS function for sharing screen activity. The screenshot feature uses this service, so a confirmation window is displayed to get the user’s consent.

[Announcements and purchases]

• This app contains ads (ads) but not annoying full screen ads 🙂
• Purchase through the app can: “remove all ads” + “Unlock complete multiple recording folders” + “Unlock complete backup / restore function settings (Google Drive)”.

[Confidentiality and permissions]

Touchscreen capture requires the privilege of RECORD_AUDIO to record the user’s voice while recording the screen. This feature is useful when creating any video tutorial using a mobile phone. The sound recording function using the microphone is disabled by default.
Internet authorization is required for error log transfer and the announcements module. User images and videos remain private and are not automatically shared anywhere or anyone outside of this app.
contacts access permission is required for backup or restore all settings of Google Drive.

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